Hinds Feet on High Places meets Arthurian Legend

“What must I do to be cleansed?”

Sir Edric de Pleure is the bravest, noblest, kindest knight in the world—according to his twelve-year-old squire, Taliesin. His view of himself is far different. After an unnerving encounter with God’s holiness, Sir Edric knows the true darkness in his heart and that he cannot defeat it.

When Taliesin is kidnapped by a sinister knight, Edric must fight to win him back. Wounded and weaponless, his quest is doomed to fail. But a slender chance presents itself in a mystic sword, carried by a strange friar. This is no ordinary blade—only the pure may wield it.

As Edric struggles through dangerous forests and his every attempt to gain righteousness fails, he begins to understand that saving Taliesin is impossible if he cannot save himself.

About the author

Lauren Hildebrand is a fantasy author who specializes in character-driven adventures that explore spiritual truth. She is fascinated by the way stories shape our view of the world and ourselves. She strives to write fiction that challenges, encourages, and inspires hope in the midst of an often dark world.

A people-loving introvert, Lauren can never talk enough about old books or Jesus Christ. She lives in always-windy Kansas, considers Asian cuisine a primary food group, and can usually be found devouring classics or planning her next cosplay.

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Cover art by April Borchelt

Title Design by Magpie Designs LTD

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